A Very Popular Nobody

Arin circa 1833

Arin is a SAG/AFTRA voice actor, having provided the voices for many video games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and Detective Grimoire, and lots of amazing network television cartoons like Mighty Magiswords on Cartoon Network and Rick and Morty on Adult Swim. Anyway, listen for yourself.

Arin is a writer specializing in sketch comedy. He has written for Fox Networks and helped develop commercials for high profile brands such as Crunchyroll, Seriously Games, Gunnar Optiks, Lootcrate, and Anki Drive.

Arin is the owner and lead personality on Game Grumps, an online show focusing on comedy and video games with 3 million+ subscribers, makin’ the funnies twice a day. Arin also tours live with Game Grumps to sold out shows across the US (and soon across Europe!)

Arin is the lead rapper and co-writer for Starbomb, a pop-culture oriented synth-pop comedy band. Both of their albums have debuted at #1 on the Nielsen comedy charts. Arin is also responsible for directing and animating Starbomb’s first music video ever, which is pretty rad in his opinion.

Arin’s internet animated shorts have garnered hundreds of millions of views and have been featured on national and international television networks like MTV, Fox, and G4tv. His educational game design show “Sequelitis” has been shown in countless Game Design college courses throughout the US and Canada, which honestly sort of blew his mind a little bit.

Arin is currently co-developing a touring company that helps alternative touring acts to perform across the globe.

Arin recently produced a hit video game called "Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator" and is working with his company, Game Grumps, to produce more video games. It's pretty fun imo.


  • He once won the $50k Grand Prize on the show “Dance Showdown” (but between you and me, Lindsey Sterling should have won)
  • He competed in the 2015 Nintendo World Championships (but came in 5th, boo)
  • He’s raised over half a million dollars for charity as of right now, and still finding ways to raise more!
  • He competed on the Playstation reality show “The Tester” but was voted off for not helping his teammates fire melons, or whatever.
  • He reviewed a video game while having just eaten a Ghost Pepper whole.

If you think this is a lot of stuff for one guy to do, it probably is, but, you know, whatever! He loves creating, and helping people create. Hit him up if you want to get in touch, he’s always willing to check out new projects!!



Things I Done Did

Arin’s work spans a lot of mediums, including music, animation, film, voice over, and more. Here are some of those things:



  • Shows

    • The Girl from Dinosaur Island (2016) - Ptero
    • Mighty Magiswords (2016) - Gateaux, Zonq, Delivery Man Steve
    • Rick and Morty (2015) - Cyborg Photographer, Prisoner
    • Bee and Puppycat (2015) - Elder, Dog
    • Accounting (2016) - Little Bomb Baby
    • Target Acquired (2016) - Spike Tommery
    • Chocolate Raiders (2014) - Chocolate Raider, King
    • Cell Hero (2014) - Brain, Bloodcell, Stomach
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014) - Additional Voices
    • Detective Grimoire (2014) - Agent Folder, Mr. Harper
    • Minigore (2009) - John Gore, Jerry Gore, Santa


Arin is the lead rapper and co-writer for the band comedy band Starbomb. Here are their albums:

Game Grumps

Arin is the lead personality on a regular internet gaming show called “Game Grumps.” Here are some choice clips from the show, ‘cause I know it’s a weird concept:


Here are a couple videos Arin has either fully produced, or had a huge part in producing.


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