Arin Hanson

Egoraptor is Arin Hanson. He's pretty sweet. But for the sake of this article I'm going to continue saying Ego instead of Arin. Keep in mind it's me writing this article so I'm typing about myself. Which means I'm going to say how awesome I am a lot.

Egoraptor is pretty awesome.

Anyway, Ego is this badass who does a bunch of stuff. Like, sometimes he draws, sometimes he writes music (which is weird because he doesn't know anything about music), and sometimes... SOMETIMES... he makes flash movies. But I doubt it. Anyway, most of all, Ego voice acts. I mean, that's what he loves to do, you know? He's crazy about it. Doing voices is his life, man. He does it for random people, mostly friends, but he does it for THE MAN (MTV), which is sly.

Ego's made his rounds on the internet. In fact, you may have seen some of his creations out and about. Some of the fan favorites include DBZ in a Nutshell (the audio, not the flash, but the flash uses the audio!), Metal Gear Awesome, Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof, as well as voices for The Decline of Video Gaming, The Stupid Adventures of Mark and Tony, and many more (which is amazing). If you run into "Egoraptor" online somewhere, chances are it's me! (except there's an Egoraptor on World of Warcraft, which is dumb, and one on some anime or movie review site. Who cares.)

Egoraptor likes to go Super Saiyan, among other things, like play some video games, sleep, and be healthy because "be" is a verb and fits in that set. But mostly, Ego mostly likes to go Super Saiyan the most. He also enjoys meeting new people, which is a fun thing to do, 'cause learning from other people is something that is good. Think about it, for a second. After you do, I suggest stopping.

Ego's sexuality is "cool."

The thing closest to Ego's heart, though, is Angels and Airwaves, Panic! at the Disco, and My Chemical Romance. Whenever Ego absorbs the subtle undertones of each band's unique interpretation of romantic ambiguity, he feels the need to cut himself, but not his wrists, because that's too common and Ego doesn't like being conformist. Instead he cuts his elbow, because everyone knows the skin on the elbow doesn't have nerves. I mean, have you ever tried squeezing your elbow skin really really hard? It totally doesn't hurt. I did it to my mom once and she was like, "woah, that's crazy," but not in those exact words.

Or maybe that whole paragraph was made up.

Willienium by Will Smith just came on my playlist and it's pretty bumpin'. "We gunna party like it's nineteen-- Ho'd up, it is!"

Plus it uses the same riff as Rock the Casbah by The Clash, including the "The shareef don't like it" line which is a cool line I get stuck in my head a lot.

Egoraptor, the character, is pretty cool. His design as it is now was designed as a collaboration between Suzy Berhow and Ego. He's been through a lot of changes through the years, but this design holds a special place in Ego's heart. Awww.

If you wanna know more about Ego's origins and the progression of Ego's design throughout the years, visit...

Egoraptor's part of a storyline idea that Ego's had for a long time, but it's getting a bit dated and Ego thinks it might be time to rewrite the entire thing. Not as if any of it is written. Well, maybe some of it is. Shut up. Why do you always do that?

Ego has a bunch of other story ideas but he's not going to tell you any 'cause the internet is a manipulative conniving sinister place where 13 year olds take stuff that isn't theirs but say that it is. I've done it. You've done it. Don't act like it doesn't happen; it's happening everyday. Everyday. I'd start a foundation, but that'd be stupid.

Either way, Ego obviously likes creating, and he shall continue to do so until the day he dies. Now I will close with an actual picture of Ego instead of a bunch of goofy ones as are above.